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I love how they used Explosions In The Sky in the background. =]

Who cares what Ron Paul thinks about evolution?

Don’t things like voting records, beliefs, and a deep philosophical desire to restore our freedom count for anything? 




Ron Paul on evolution. 

Bros, look, I love you. You guys know that. But this guy leans in the direction of creationism. Why do you love him, again? For the record, I. Fucking. Can’t. Stand. Creationists. It’s like you put science in front of them and they just stare blankly back at you and say, “But where’s you’re proof?”

I personally do not think their is anything wrong with not accepting a theory that human beings cannot fully answer or explain. Theories are just theories and there is nothing wrong with a person having their own. It is ignorant to think that the human race can comprehend millions of years of nature in such a way that we can actually assume exactly how the worlds biological and geological genetic history all went down and exactly why. I support Ron Paul and believe he is the most radical and qualified candidate for the 2012 presidency in a group of politicians that all want the same thing at the wrong time. If you do some research you will find that many of his economic predictions for America have come true within the last decade and are still continuing to do so. What politician currently running for the presidency do you think would be best and why?

Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

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